Speaker, Author
& Playwright

Laurie Nienhaus

"For a short play in a small venue, it was a large show."
Marion ____, Fort Myers Beach

"Laurie Nienhaus is making Fort Myers Beach history out of Fort Myers Beach history!"
​Gary Mooney, Island Sand Paper

"If you're not sure who these people are, it's time to learn - and laugh along the way."  
Jessica Salmond
Breeze News Papers

"Laurie and Jessie reminded
me of the Smothers Brothers."

Babs Synderman, ​Babs Beads

"You surpassed all expectations...the play was clever, fun, and provoked interest in the Mound House history. The production was very well done and everyone enjoyed it tremendously."
Becky Werner, President 
Friends of the ​Mound House

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2 Sold Out Performances
Over $6000 Raised!

​​                                                                     Plot:
​​Laurie arrives believing herself to be the public speaker for the evening. She soon discovers there's more going on behind the scenes than she thought. When her good friend Jessie Titus, unexpectedly takes center stage to question her research and correct the details of her presentation, she finally must ask, "We're actually presenting together now, aren't we?"

In the end we learn why no one told Laurie there was a play going on around her. Along the way we take a hilarious romp back in time and meet the "rascals" associated with the Mound House.

                                 Cast In Order of Appearance:
Carrie Hill, Ken Devos, Laurie Nienhaus, Jessie Titus, Emmerson Vanasse, Joyce Heckman, Marty Senecal, Sal Pedone, Sylvia Steiger, Carmine Calcagni Pacchino, Tracy Gore, Lynda Monaco, Elizabeth D'Onofrio, and Tom Crosby

If These Walls
Could Talk...A Satire

Written by Laurie Nienhaus as a fundraiser for 
The Friends of the Mound House in their support of the educational programs of the historic Mound House on Fort Myers Beach.